How do you make you make slopes?

Please help, currently the character can only barely go down slopes and you can’t go up slopes at all

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no i want the player to be able to smoothly walk up slopes

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have the slope at a lower angle, I’m assuming it’s at a 45-degree angle rn. You can also try vectoring to smoothen it out (not sure if that helps).

I believe JR said something about this, I’ll find the post for you

Yeah, just blur (vector) the edge

I actually have an example for slopes, it’s best if you make the object bigger than it really is and have it clip into the ground so the player can more easily “glide” onto it.

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ok so what i have done is basically while your touching the lope left or right the game gives you a slight boost in elevation, as well as the fact that I’ve set the collisions to polygons