How do you make your player change?

I am making a gmae and the character changes shape but when it walks it changes back into its original form because of a walking animation. How do I change it into a seperate object so the animation doesn´t interfere? If you don´t know that is ok.

Sorry I just realized I poated this on the wrong subject! I ment to post this on help requests.

Are you changing the hitbox like with the size behavior and want the animation to not be effected?
Or are you asking how to not make animations overlap each other?

You could have it spawn the walking object in when you start moving then spawn back in the original when stopped.

or you could set the other animations priority higher than the walking animation so the walking animation doesn’t interfere with it

No what I think they want is to have different sizes of the object

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Change the animation priority in the animation behavior

Ok I will try that. Thank you for helping.

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No problem! Hopefully it works.

to simply give an answer: change the object or reanimate the whole thing and do some more coding.