how do you pause an animation?

I have looked at this many different ways, but I cannot seem to figure out how to pause an animation it is probably really simple and I am just blanking but…

what I was wanting in my game is if he gets hit once he shows a little bit of damage if he gets hit again he shows even more damage etc.

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@PixelPizza if you want to see here is the link

You can do that by “manually” skipping the frames using the input “go-to” from the Animation block.

Use the Timer’s input “reset” to pause the animation.

Quoting the Flowlab Behavior Handbook:
“Animation Inputs:
Start - When the Start input is activated, the selected animation will begin playback. If looping is enabled, then it will play continuously, otherwise, it will play once. The input value is sent to the Play output.
Stop - Stops the currently playing animation
Go To - Select a specific frame of the animation”

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I’m not going to use that but you gave me an idea @PixelPizza

You cannot pause an animation. So you pretty much have to stick to what @“The Kodex” said about making multiple animations.
But be warned: if the object is too big, making multiple animations can cause data overflow and cause the website to crash randomly. Happened to me last year with Porky’s Nightmare. Didn’t end so well. (Just in case you’re curious, I managed to reverse that crisis)

Whatever you wnat it to freeze on, copy it, make another animation, then when you want it to freeze, have it do that one and click freeze on last frame, with that animation being higher than the other one.

You could also use the “pause” node but I do not think stopping or freezing the whole game is what you are looking for…