How do you prevent people from editing game?

How do I prevent editing so that players dont cheat?


Not possible… wish it was a feature.

I’m sure you could do something with cloud saves, since it’s disabled when you edit a game.

I know what im gonna do, MUAHAHA Attempt to edit the game and play it.

Then All i would have to do is undo the behavior when i am editing.

You can make the player spawn instead of already being there… but they could just add one to the level.

I made a infinite loop happen whenever they exit out of edit mode.

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How did you do that?

Esc+start timer+emit then it triggers until it is considered a endless loop.

What if they do not press esc?

Then it wont trigger, but they also cant edit/cheat the game.

What if you press edit game

I was gonna request this feature today lol

Did you type the code in the game? If you can show me a vid of killing it then I will give you a code to have a super special turret-attachment.

I am on mobile.

Do you has a Computer?

I don’t rn

Using the Imbed link will make the game playable without editing, this is how it would work: