How do you send numbers to other objects

How? Can I do it through 3?

The new update! Saving variables!

How would I do this, I want a number to move to multiple objects, and if I need save, could you give an example?

Sending obj:
Input-----Number----storage(save, name)

Receiving object(s)
Input-----storage(load, same name)-------


You can skip the save step, when you send a message, whatever value you send in is delivered with the message. For example, if you have a message named “test” in object 1, and you send that message by sending the value “10” into the message input, then the value “10” will be sent out of the mailbox of object 2 when the message arrives.

Does that make sense?

Thats how i did ir before, guess both rigs have their own uses

Also, use the rig grazer provided, else you will not get the same number progressing, but if the page is reloaded, you end up with the last number saved

can I make it so you click object 2, you send the number from object 2 to object 3?

The save load thing works with multiple objects

does the other way work too?

If you did both

Myw, here’s an example:

When you click object 1, it will pick a random number and send it in a message to object 2. When object 2 gets a message, it prints the message value on the screen.