how is my game

how is my game??? leave your answer in the comments below

I’m trying to do the same concept as well in my game. how were you able to make your guy stop and not float on?

You forgot to give the player 0 bounce and 0 friction. If you cling and bounce off walls, it makes it difficult to hook corners and avoid the spikes.

hey jngthree,

I’ve just been playing your game, it’s fantastic. You’ve got some great ideas.

I need to play more and see if I can complete what you’ve put together so far.

hey, thanks.

i’m working on that darn Octo-flair boss… also, my friend made these soundtracks, (not the temple soundtrack)… anyone dislike any enemy/boss behaviors other than octoflair?

please follow me on google plus (nicholas goff) i have a picture of myself

Massive update: character can now face other directions while stationary, octoflair has a weakness and last but not least… it is slightly easier to get to stone temple