How Long Can You Survive in ZenNinja Duo Dash?

Tell me what you think of it, and how far you have managed to get

I made it to about 16? That’s crazy hard, but I like it :slight_smile:

@grazer, thanks, it takes roughly 55 seconds to get to the end so far, I’ll be updating this daily though so it’s not as short

17,cool game

Here’s an even harder challenge, can you guys beat my highscore, 55?

Even my pro guitar hero sister couldnt beat it :stuck_out_tongue:
Good game though.

sweet… my running game is about a minute to the end, basically 20 laps in a fixed area

Since I have found it basically impossible to get past the 60 second mark in ZenNinja Duo Dash, I have simplified the main area to end at the 55 second mark, after that it’ll send you to a boss level