How Old To You Have To Be To Be On Flowlab?


I don’t think there’s an age restriction.

flowlab is for education as well as just making games so I think it’s used in elementary schools.

Well I’m Only 10

Like 4 or 6


Yeah, like 4-infinity

I never heard about age restriction in flowlab, and I’m 10 too

@darian k I figured out how to make robby smarter
it takes advantage of a pathfinding system ive just made @ me if you want me to put in the code


I Started When I Was 8

I’m 8 and I use flowlab.Dont really think there’s an age restriction above 8.

So many kids on Flowlab lol, surprised
realises I started Flowlab when I was ten

so guys I found a exploit in grazers supscription system but how do i tell him without letting anyone else know @browngr

wait nvm grazer did plan ahead lol

I started when i was 9

on a school account


Wow, to think alot of people are young on flowlab

*realizes that @Pixel-Master-Studios-Dev IS young *