How to activate a block sequence

I am trying to create a game where the player has to spell words in order to move to the next level. How can I tell Flowlab that if the player chooses C then A then T they have spelt CAT and will move to the next level? If they touch the blocks in the wrong order the level restarts. Thanks for your help
I recommend using something like this.

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Mine is a parkour map where you need to jump around and collect the letters in the right order to complete the level. How do I code it so I move to the next level when the word is spelt correctly and it restarts when it is spelt incorrectly.
This is the beginning of my game

Have a block emit letters whenever it gets the message that is the letter. For example, if “Mailbox” got the message “A”, then it would emit a block that looks like “A”. Next, make sure they all line up, and have three raycasts pointing down. One tests for C, one A, and one T. These all send messages to one more block, which, if getting a message from all 3, will bring you to the next level.

I would use something with this logic.

I would use something sort of like this.Spell CAT
Of course you would have to make the letters not disappear until that switch was activated, you would just need to send a message to that letter.

This wouldn’t be as efficient as mine, for with mine you can use the same objects multiple times for every level.

True, I guess I didn’t think about the other levels

I am a bit confused about you method using the mailbox and raycast. Could u maybe attach a photo like the other guy pls.

I have tried doing this but for some reason the level restarts even if I spell the word right now. Any ideas??

Hi, there would be too many pictures to show you, so here’s and example.