How to add day and night cycle (more)

I need some help on my survival-open world game. How can I make a day and night cycle. Also how can I show what day your on? how?


For a day and night cycle, you can have a background object that is black, and it has a long ease that fades it from visible to invisible, and then loop the ease with a toggle switch to make it repeat forever. and every time it fades from night to day, then send a message to a label and text behavior to count up days. this might be a bit hard to understand so i could make an example if you want.


@Coreplex, here you go, I don’t really do a good job of explaining things lol. just copy this stuff into your game.


Is is possible to add a timer and then it does the day/night cycle.

yes, just replace the once in the background object with a timer, so that there is a delay to when it starts

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