How to add music to my Flowjam game

I have a free account and I have some custom music I would like to add to my game, but I don’t know how to make it fit the requirements of beginning with http:// (or https://) and ending with .mp3. I have it downloaded as an MP3 file, but I don’t know where to go from here. Can someone please tell me how to get it into the required format?

You could try looking up an mp3 file to link converter. I think those exist, I’m not entirely sure. I found a way a while back ago, but I forgot.

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Free accounts cannot upload sounds or music, only paid accounts can.

I thought free accounts can if they have the mp3 link. Cause I’ve done it before.
Now you can’t upload files with a free account, but I’m pretty sure if you had the link you could.
Unless grazer updated that, cause I haven’t checked in a while.

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This is correct. Just looked a little while ago. Is it possible it would work if I put in a google drive link?

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I’m not sure. You could try. Like I said, it’s been almost a year or so since I last added custom sounds to a game so I can’t remember how I got the link.

I used a text2speech to make poor dialogue and it gave me the file as a link so I didn’t need a converter.

Also you can use Eric_Matyas music back in the day. He had a huge website of a ton of different music and sound for free users.

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use Ytmp3 to convert it into a mp3

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I already have it as an mp3 file, what I need is a link to the file beginning with http:// or https:// and ending with .mp3, so that flowlab will let me play the file.

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Im having absolutely no luck right now. All of the sites that I find either don’t work or are blocked on my school Chromebook :frowning: I would use Eric_Matyas’s music, but I have 3 songs that I found that I really liked and I spliced them together into one 10 minute long mp3 file, which I would LOVE to use. @grazer I hate to bother you, but how are we supposed to do this!!!

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Hey @chrisdakiller I think that a long, 10 minute song might be a mistake - it sounds like a big file that may take a long time to start playing (and use quite a bit of the player’s memory). I recommend using a couple shorter songs if possible, maybe play them back to back?

As for hosting - unfortunately it is difficult to find a place that will store and serve your music files. Sometimes you can find them, but they often don’t last very long and the files disappear. This is because storing (and serving) music files can get pretty expensive.

To solve this problem, I added a music storage service to Flowlab. I obviously can’t afford to offer this to free users, but Indie developers can upload files directly in the editor.


Thank you for replying! You make a really good point about the 10-minute song thing, I didn’t think about that. Also I totally get the whole not being able to host everyone’s music thing, but I DID find a fix, a way to host my music without needing a special hosting service: Discord. When you upload an mp3 file to discord you can open it as a link, a link beginning with https and ending with .mp3. So that’s pretty awesome.