How To Allow an Enemy to Follow You in Any Level?

My game code-named “Project Light” is working out really great, but I’ve decided to take a quick break to detail an issue I’ve had. In the game, there is an enemy called “Red Player Flame” which successfully follows the player in level 3 (no issue with that). The problem here is that the enemy is incapable of following the player in any other level due to the fact that the extractor properties reset. Thus, the only foreseeable way of putting these enemies in the next two levels would be to create two more entirely separate ones. Though I’d like to ask if there is any way around this. Is it possible to rig the same enemy so that these properties do not reset?
Thank You.

Here is the link by the way:

Never-mind. I’ve solved it. I just needed a “point at” option instead of using extractors.