How to apply mouse based movement controls for mobile?

Hi everyone,
I’m close to finishing my first game and am currently figuring out how to apply mobile controls.
The only control/keys for the game are mouse movement (no clicks) as the mouse controls a block that interacts with objects.
Are mouse movement controls automatically converted into touch and drag on mobile or do you need to program it, if so how?
I’ve seen the examples of onscreen d-pads and joysticks that send messages to movement controls but nothing about mouse movement-based controls.

Thank you for any help pointing me in the right direction.

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You might be better off implementing an on-screen joystick. This is simpler and more player friendly.

@DarkStar_Studios Is it possible to have the mobile player’s finger control the objects movement? If not, Joystick is a solid option. Thanks for the help and be well.

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There is a touch-screen behavior, and I think there is a joystick example hidden around here somewhere.

@DarkStar_Studios watched the joystick one. I’ll try both ways and see what’s better. Just gotta figure out the touch screen behavior. Knowing it’s possible is the first step. Thanks again.


Mousemove is the same as touch & drag

Up to my knowledge, there are only two decent flowlab mobile games, Ball Bounce Simulator by ManiacPumpkin and Notes and Waves by myself. I recommend you check them both out for inspiration!
Here’s mine.

@meburningslime believe it or not I’ve already played you game while trying to find the answer to the touch and drag. Do you know if touch and drag on mobile needs to be input as a behaviour on the backend? or does it automatically translate when you export? Also thanks for the help.

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I’m not sure about exporting, but it should translate fine.

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