How to create a Navigation system?

So, in my game, HAKK3R, you can drive around Monarchia, and that plays a huge part in the storyline, since you need to go places in order to well, get to places! I have an idea for a map, but I want something more like what we have in Batman Arkham Knight:
Drawing (22)
Now, I’m very aware that this is probably going to be very difficult to do, but this is very important for the progress of the game.

I see what you want. And yes, the way you want it is something beyond my comprehension and I am unable to know how to do so. However, I have a alternative that may still give the same concept: A Minimap It still gives the same concept, but in a different way. It’ll make it a little more simplified and easier for you to do. :slight_smile:

Would that work?