How to create choices

You know how in like undertale you can pick the path to a killer or the opposite. Well I wanna know how to do that in flowlab for my roleplay game

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Well, it sorta depends on what your game is going to be about, but one way I can think of is everytime you encounter something that you can interact with (NPC or quest) and make it like a yes or no situation can be much easier. What I mean by that is if you can talk to an NPC you can either do something good or do something bad. By doing something good nothing much changes and the story can still be the same which is all peachy, but if you do something bad, you can make it affect a future quest or interaction and you could make it either more difficult or easier depending on the situation. Like denying to do a quest won’t be as bad as killing an important NPC. When it would come to actually coding this I can’t really say much, but I would recommend using switches and messaging systems so when the player does something wrong, the word gets out and can effect the whole story. Although this type of game would require a huge amount of storyline and different paths you an go down. In UnderTale you can still do bad things, but are still able to win the good ending in the game. So you can make some decisions only effect one or two future things which either way you can still get around. Although I probably explained this poorly and I’m sorry if you are asking behaviors of it for your game cause then someone else might have to help with that.
All I can say is that good luck with your game and I can’t wait to see the finished result, I don’t think much people have made a decision based game similar to what your explaining and that would be pretty cool to see in an actual game.

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Thank you, you explained it just fine I think I just need more brain cells and more tutorials, thanks for the help

@The_Emulator236 your welcome. Maybe someone else can join and probably show you how to do it, maybe through screenshots and images. I would, but I don’t have enough time cause of school work to actually work stuff out like that and I currently don’t have a feature like that in any of my games so I’m afraid that I can’t be of much use.

You’d Probably Need Saves Filters And Numbers For That Sort Of Thing
So Like If The Kill Counter Is Equal To The Total Amount Of Enemies Play A Killer Path
If It Fails Play A Opposite Path

Its Been Awhile Since I’ve Used Flowlab But Thats How I’d Do It