How to create enemy projectiles?

I have like no experience with Flowlab (although I do know how to do SOME things), and I’ve been having trouble creating projectiles that will fire down at the character from a boss monster. the monster doesn’t need to move around or anything, the plan was for the character to just dodge the fireballs.

I know how to make the projectile kill the character when it touches them, but I don’t know how to actually get the projectile to fire in a direction. I also don’t know how to make the projectile disappear once it touches a wall (or the player).

Thanks in advance!

First, set the forward to “down” then make a proximity and set it to “character” and connect them to a “pointat” in their respective spots. This will make it aim.

Use a timer with repeat forever on and have an “emit” that’s set to the projectile

@jngthree that made no sense

I get it