How to do pathfinding?

how can I do pathfinding one for randomly moving objects and one for enemys

Is your game top down or side view? Also path finding can become rather complex (including AI and stuff) depending on what you need. If you need AI to make something move towards another thing you might want to re-orientate the problem. (I’m not necessarily saying AI is impossible in Flowlab since you can’t underestimate guys like Tinkersmith, but even if it was it would be super complex and likely over shoot what you need to actually do.)

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it is a top down game

Oh yes, it can get quite complicated, there is no single generalized ‘How to do pathfinding’ solution.
Top down alone is not enough information, is it open world, is it a closed dungeon, what is the detection range, how many objects are active at a time, … want me to go on?
So one has to collect all the info/factors related to the problem to be solved and then pick a routine that fits the situation best. We had this discussion before:

And didn’t you release a path finding example yourself @glithctyrus?

Back to your question about pathfinding:
Yes, can be done, but very complex and limited in its functionality with the options that we have in FL at this point in time.

No, there is no ‘fits it all’ solution, every pathfinding solution needs to be custom tailored to the situation.