How to ease an object to a specific coordinate whenever it collides with another object at random?

Basically I have an outside void, and I need it so when the character collides with the outside void object, no matter where the character is it’ll always ease back to the (3, 4) grid coordinate. Been having trouble with this.

You could use Collision but I think Proximity would be better here.
And to move the character anywhere (though objects) set the Enable behavior to false and get the pixel coordinates for (3,4) and current position to ease that goes to Position behavior.

@“JR 01” I’ve yet to do something like this, how do I grab the current position?

Ohh, you can use the Extractor behavior to get to objects X and Y coordinates (in pixels) independently. Make sure the Position behavior is set to pixels to use those numbers.

Alright I got what I need. For future people Google searching to trying to figure out how to ease a position I made an example