How to embed your game to Wix?

I’ve looked up how to but nobodys seemed to figure it out. I’ve tried everything but when I try to it just says made by flowlab and doesnt show the game or if I try another way it says “Double check the URL, make sure it uses HTTPS and try again.” Can someone explain how so there’s no confusion around this?

If it says made with flowlab you have it done correctly. You need flash to be manually turned on for that site though.

@grazer you need an enable flash button

I dont know how to add an enable flash button. I think the only way to add flash games is by a file.

To turn it on (if your on chrome atleast) click the small I button on the left of the URL, and scroll down to flash, and click Always allow on this site

Ohhh I was looking in the editor. Thanks man :slight_smile: