How to fix mid air fly?

Hi, i been working on flowlab a couple hours but i have an issue that i cant fix.
i fix fly jump but now when i jump my character keep moving mid air like flying (slow fall and make like planning plane) and it makes bad my gameplay. someone knows how to fix this problem?



Please, use proper grammar. I cannot understand any of this post.

I need to see the game to find the problem.

Also, Welcome to the community!

So it’s a little hard to understand, but I believe your problem is this;

When you jump, you have low gravity. And when you release the movement, your character is still moving forward while in mid-air. Is that correct?
I’m assuming you’re fine with the gravity part and are just trying to fix the issue of continuing while you’re in the air and not holding down a key(?)


yes, thats what I mean at first time but the thing is when i hold moving key my character still falling slow and I just want to fall normal like mario bros.
I look for some info at google but I dind find ssomeone explaining about fix this bug or the one your character stucks on walls just holding a moving key

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