How To Get Songs

Y MP3 links Y cant we just do something like a yt link

That violates copyright

Well… I did that actually XD
@GodFries.Nation If you really need to, go to to convert youtube to mp3, then used that link on Kiwi6

So here’s the deal with sound links - they have to be a .mp3 audio file so that the audio decoder can understand it. If you just try to send it to a youtube video, the audio decoder will try to play it as sound (instead of a video) and it will fail. If you try to send it to a webpage, the same thing happens.

It’s not set up that way because I’m trying to make it inconvenient, there just isn’t a really good way to for me to be able to play video files or web pages as sounds effects :frowning:

I’m definitely open to new ideas. If anyone has thoughts as to how I can make this more convenient, let me know!

@grazer why not a preview button so we can test the sound before playing the game?

@Luminous700 @grazer God Bless All Of You

@Luminous700 how do you do that on kiwi6

Just upload the MP3 file to kiwi6… done!

@jngthree ive done that but still got nothing

There’s two links… you want to copy the direct hot link

@jngthree God Fricken Bless You, And we paste the hotlink in the sound thing in the behaviors section