How to get the "Certified" badge?

So, I’m doing a bit of badge hunting, and I want to get the “Certified” badge, which mentions completing the “Interactive New User Tutorial”. Which tutorial is this referring to and where can I find it?


I think it may be referring to the tutorial option you get when you make a new game


So this is a feature of the old Flowlab Community, in which you would go through a tutorial to be on the forums. This is no longer a thing, so the people with the badge are cool, ig

When you first join the forums, you should get a message from @discobot and then you just complete what he tells you to do in the private message.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

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Oh? I thought that feature was deletified?

It might have been removed, but I got it early in the year when we just moved to discourse.

MMMMMM… Monkey…

Yay thank you!!! Another badge successfully obtained! :grinning: