How to go to next level AFTER objects hit?

I’d like my game to continue to the next level only after the player has hit 3 different specific objects, then hit a switch at the end of the level. I’d also like the player to be able to hit the 3 specific objects in any order before hitting the switch. How can I do this?

Hmm… Hard to explain in words.

You could add three switch behaviors, one for each object, and have a collision trigger turn each one of them on when it touches the specific object you want. Once all three of them are on, then you can allow the final switch object to move to the next level.

Perfect, thanks!

Wait, sorry - how do I make sure the final switch object allows the player to move to the next level only if the 3 switches are on?

A number behavior. And if you hit one object. You do +1 in the number behavior. Then a filter, Equal to 3. And if it’s equal to 3, then the final switch goes on.