How to I make a Character duck?

I’m trying to make a player sprite duck when the down key is held. I have ducking animation, but how do I hold the sprite in the down position.

you could try decreasing the size of your character- trigger->number->size…the number is the percent of original size(e.g. 50=1/2 the size)
Not sure if it will work on a 1x1(grid) player.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

I’m trying that and it’s not working.

Try doing it using animations, in which one involves the player ducking

Make an invisible object that will be the hitbox for the player when ducking.

Extract other x and y (the players location) to the position. Use an expression to adjust the y to be on the lower part of the player. Make the Enable behavior to false.

Press a button to duck, and play an animation to duck AND make Enable to False. Turn the invisible hitbox to True.

When you release the button, play to animation to unduck and make the hitbox to false and make the player True.