How to Infinite scroll? Repeating foreground? Any ideas?

Hi! Conceptual question here: is it possible to make a seamless foreground loop? I know you can make the background repeat so that it looks seamless, but I want my foreground to loop without losing the camera following the character.

There is a similar mechanic in the old arcade Defender game. So for example, if you keep flying to the right you will eventually fly over the same spot again and again. And it would work/loop the opposite direction too.

I havent tried this yet. Im just curious if anyone has attempted this or seen any examples in flowlab.

The example you given seems like you want to player to loop rather than the foreground to loop.

If thats what your going for than I have a unfinished game that uses the same idea.
This will also can give a better idea of an “infinite scroll” because the camera doesn’t use auto-scroll.

2019 WinterJam (unfinished):

If you hold right, you’ll eventually loop back to the start.

@“JR 01” yes. player looping side-scroller. Your example was perfect and simple and I know exactly how I can make it work in my game (hopefully). Good call on the fog :slight_smile: and thanks for the help.