How to keep object from moving left or right? (x-axis)

Hello community, I am new to flowlab.

So let’s get to my question; how to make an object move ONLY up and down, and restrict it from moving left or right?

This is what a newb came up with:[user]=138782513&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0

(it’s the colored block you see there)

Trust me, I see the issue here. For one, there’s no “pre-trigger” to detect if the object is moving left or right. I need a similar trigger or solution to terminate the object’s behaviors if it’s moving left or right. I’ve spent like an hour or two trying to figure this out…

Eh, I’m just playing around with the interface before I jump into a full game. And just for the record, I’m not exactly a newb, I do have much experience with another iOS designer. I had to move on for “limiting” reasons. I would support this by finding bugs and posting them, however, I cannot tell if I am experiencing bugs or if it’s just me.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can answer this.

What you do is have a (once) connect to an extractor, connected to a number set, then I have a timer switch a toggle switch that has an always in the (in), and that toggle out goes to the numbers (in) that connects to a position box. If you don’t get what I mean, I’m sorry, I’ve written this tutorial so many times and got lazy lol, um… It’s somewhere in the forums, if I find it ill paste the link.

Here is an example of what Mhx is saying.:

The enemy object has its x axis locked

Sorry Mhx, I searched for something similar in the forums but found nothing.
Thanks btw