how to keep screen on ZOOM ?

i want it to stay zoomed in on the FULLSCREEN behavior but when i press escape or refresh the page it goes back to normal ? can someone help me please

@probablydon I would help, but I dont even know how to even use the Fullscreen behavior on my own game. For some reason when it does work like 1/1000 of the time, my game just freezes so Im not sure whats happening there.

@ManiacPumpkin that use to happen to me when i would use it on my player so i jus put it on the title screen that i made instead

Well, it wasnt on my player. I put it on a seperate block and made it so when you pressed Z it would toggle, nothing. Then I changed it to having to CLICK on it and, Nothing. SO I just gave up.

Sorry, i know you were the one asking for help, and now your here helping me. Now I feel bad.

@Maniacpumpkin it zooms in on the object you put it on soo

@probablydon Hey :slight_smile:
Esc is the key to leave fullscreen, and if you press again it opens the editor.
If you refresh the page it will also leave fullscreen.

Think of the Fullscreen as the Youtube Fullscreen, if you leave the video and come back, you will have to click fullscreen again.

Does that make sense?