How to know where block will spawn at

So I’v been trying to make my character spawn in a different area every time he reaches the end. But i don’t know which spot my character spawns at, And i’v been trying for 20 mins now. i know i can create another level to make easier. but i got the free edition, And free edition you can only make 5 levels. And i got no money to upgrade, because i’m 12. but i want to save my levels for main menu and other stuff like that. can someone help me plzz.

I wish there could be a easier way to use spawn behavior by just drag and dropping

use the position behavior, so sayyyyyyy a spawner spawns a cheese slice, in the cheese slices code it says “once get (x, y) of position” but you have to use numbers and make sure the grid movement is set to in game coordinates instead of pixels.