How to launch character into air?

Is it possible to launch your character? I’ve been using a collision block along with a number for how much and then a velocity block that was connected to by the y. However, whenever I collide with the block, simply nothing happens, and when I tried setting the trigger (a collision with the block) to an always block, my character just stayed floating in the air, unmovable. Can anyone help provide code to make it so that when you collide with a block, you get launched into the air? I don’t want to make it a straight-up teleport. Thanks in advance! Flowlab Game Creator - Eville @00T_Free :smiley:


So you know, a velocity is a property. If, let’s say, velocity is 1000 and you move left, it will set the velocity to -2. They do not add and subtract, it just sets the velocity. To fix this, either disable movement from the arrow keys with switches when you hit a bouncer block, or use motors or similar movement blocks when creating movement for the player. I hope this helped.

impulse thing?

Here ya go:

Velocity is like impulse, but for y the directions are opposite.

For velocity, a positive x moves right, negative moves left.
For velocity y, which is what you’re doing… negative y is up and positive y is down.

you had it as a positive seven, which would move the player down.

-20 is good because it doesn’t get the player to the door, unless they time the jump right.