How to make a character fly around in all directions?

I’ve been able to make the character go left and right (because it’s part of the behavior pack) but I want them to also be able to fly up and down without gravity affecting them. Also, when the ‘affected by gravity’ box is unchecked, they’ll just keep drifting after you let go of the key. I do NOT want this. Can anybody help?

I want to be able to move the character around in any direction and have them stop moving when I let go of the key (but they don’t fall) pretty much.

Thanks in advance.

alright so I have done this in my game click the sniper box a bunch of times then the character behind the fence will move like how u want ur character to move

just when using the down button he glides so if u cant fix that for ur game tell me


Ok look at this game its the same in it. trust me. go under epizons behaviors it pretty simple. Good luck with that game I have the player as a bird set from mousemove to position