How To Make A Character Select Screen In Flowlab?

I Working On A Game Called Sonic In Emerald World
I Need To Do Added The Character Select Screen To Select
A Character.
Please Help Me!!!
I Need A Screenshot
To Do It!

I Still Need Help!!

Do you think you can make multiple levels for each character?

With animations :wink:

in my ssb game i was gonna have a “choose your fighter” section like the orinal ssb series. make it so theres a button for each character, and when that button is pressed it sends a message for that player to be enabled and have 100 alpha.

Wow, I thought this was a new conversation and it turned out to be super old

I was going to say have all characters on each stage, and destroy the non chosen characters. An object that stays on every level on the GUI controls the choices. Yeah, this is a very old thread. Try to avoid digging up dead threads.

you can make animation

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Ugh idiot…

hhmmmm…with levels?

@“LT kitty :D”
You’ve already commented on this topic, and it’s over a year old. Don’t reply to old topics, because those people definitely don’t still need help. A reasonable amount of time is 3 or 4 months. Anything past that is unnecessary, because there has probably been an update since then or they figured it out and don’t need help.