How to make a checkpoint!@$

I have not been able to make all the other times i tried it dosent work and the spikes need to respawn me at the checkpoint. Thank You!

Already tried that does not work

Could you leave a link to your game, its possible the save behavior isn’t used properly.

Also could you leave a better description on how you want the checkpoints work, I have 4 different examples you can try.

Checkpoint Example 3:

Checkpoint Example 3.2:

none of those worked this is for JR_01

i see a problem with your check point, the coordinates that are obtained are never used and you would have to use those values and teleport or spawn the player back there after restart. because the values arent being used the check point remains useless

@Braiden3342… you need to copy the code in the player in those examples too.

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Thanks for the idea im bout to get checkpoints boi

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