How to make a dash feature

I’m trying to make an unlock-able dash ability, but idk how to create a sturdy one, i tried using impulse.
Here’s my game-

you can make an object that after you touch it you add a number and you will run faster

Maybe just make it a + to x position (+64x for a two block dash) add a sound effect and a blur animation and the brain will fill in the rest?

Both of those are great, thanks

todorrobot, can you give me an example, im not sure exactly what you mean.

Ill have to wait until Im back at my computer, but Ill see if what Im imagining in my brain will work.

I’m still struggling with the dash, no matter how i try.

Are you using velocity to move your player? Add a switch (on/off to down/up from a key input) that adds a higher number to your velocity input and then goes back to normal when you release the key.

just realized mine wouldn’t work the change in speed would be permanent if you do what I said!

@seamothmaster45 it could work. Have a constant ray cast out of the bottom of the player. If it hits the speed object then add (or switch to) higher velocity. If miss, then subtract or swap back to slower velocity.

But i want the dash to be a press, like a dodge. not a sprint