How to make a fan that blows air? and movement question


1- i’m trying to make a fan that blows air, and when the player stand on it he floats…adding a timer to turn the fan on/off would be great too…
How to do this?

2- (this will be silly question) for enemy movement/platform movement…i clone the same enemy along with it’s movement, when i change the movement for 1 enemy, it changes it for all objects that look the same and miss up their movement…i want to be able to make each enemy move differently…what am i missing?

3- How to make a Menu? i want to make simple menu…couldn’t find any useful help on how to do it…


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  1. Probably have an air block that the fan emits… make it non, solid, tho. On collis with the air block, make a number block and connect it to an impulse. Make the number small, tho.
  2. Cloning the enemy just means cloning the shape. The enemy in the library controls all the behaviors, therefore you would have to create new enemies with the “create object button.” You could also use filters and positioning to make some mangled-up piece of code that would do the same thing, just with one object…
  3. Private message me, then we can talk over this.

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