How to Make a Featured Game

I just looked and a game I just recently played is now on the front page as a featured game. How do you do that?

You have to do something like no other FlowLab game, which the latest selection, in my opinion, completely makes sense as I’ve just reviewed it. It has amazing visual storytelling, and plain out has a story with pretty nice effects. @soethan1 made it, GalacticoS.


I’m trying to get A-Box in there somehow, so I’m trying to get as much in… Though it is going to need some smoothing around. Hey @grazer , what do you think about it? Link below:


I will take any suggestions.

Hey @rcreger - I really like A-Box so far, it should definitely get a featured game slot when it’s a little more complete.

The isometric 3d style looks really slick, and the puzzles are fun. My only suggestion is to keep going and make some more of it :slight_smile:

For a while there was a weekly vote, but we haven’t been doing that in a while. Maybe it’s a good time to start again, there are too many games for me to keep up with, and there are probably a lot of good ones out that that I haven’t seen yet.

Thanks for the feedback @grazer ! I will definitely keep working on A-Box, as I’m learning a lot from this development! This means a lot, and expect to see more coming soon!

Thank you so much @grazer , and expect to see more of A-Box, as I’ve learned a lot of new stuff from its development! This means a lot, and I’m glad you liked it!

Congratulations @rcreger!
@grazer Can you take a look at Rise when I finish? Its gonna be a while though Ive Been working on it for 6 months!


Oh, I’m not on the list yet @“Johnny boy” .

@rcreger grazer said when you finish it he would feature it.

Also Ive always dreamed of one of my games being featured.

You need to make a game the big bosses like, Mr. rcreger.

Not necessarily @“Lyndon Bork” , as it was not really one of the top outstanding things (that people have told me) about the game. I really think that how @grazer finds games to put on the front page are games that are original and new to FlowLab.

When coming up with A-Box, all I did was make a concept on a 3D-ish design on a 2D base, which, for all I know, hasn’t been done before this.

@rcreger @grazer is a big boss. if you have an original game, chances are he’ll like it.