How To Make A Label Disappear?

So I’ve been having some issues with labels. Once my character steps onto an object I want the label to appear, however no matter what value I input for the label the value always reverts back to “1.” I’m trying to have the label be created as a text blurb. Additionally how do I make the label disappear after a certain amount of time? I’ve tried using a timer but I’ve had little luck, I could be using it wrong and any guidance through this would be appreciated.


Uh… make a link to the game first.

make it in its own object then have the object be deleted

Here is the link to the game, it’s pretty much just me testing some things.

What triggers the label to appear? I can’t seem to find it

You can’t hide a label.
A label only disappear when the object with the label is destroyed (with the destroy behavior).

You know? You have to put a label behavior in an object. Destroy that object to destroy the label too.