How to make a menu where i can select a level?

Hey i would like to make a menu where i can select a level. How can i do that?



Click on [Layer], that opens up background, game level, and User Interface.
Click on UI, then make an object as a button. add a behavior that is click (down)
if you want it to take you to a level, do click (down) ---- next level [level 1] or whatever you named the level
Here is an example -

How do you make it where you unlock levels once you get to the next level?

Thanks for asking w-man i am working on a game to show you!

W-man, that is something I don’t fully understand. Only 2 people have pulled off RPG games that change other maps, so I’m sure the same can apply to Unlocking levels. I will be sure to ask grazer if I run into him.

Don’t worry mhx air i am working on something. You will see!

nvm I failed. I thought it will turn off my switch but it didn’t!!! I think its a bug or its maby me.

Ok well you need an object off screen on your UI that has checked to “appear on every level”
You will use collisions with the finish of the level to flip toggle switches to unlock levels

Ok i was using switches for health. Instead of bars i used blocks