How to make a object follow the mouse

I want to make a sandbox game

oof, another person who hasnt been introduced to search engines.

Theres this website that has millions of users per day, you can put your question into it, and get your answer, its called… Go-… Goggle?.. Google?

Yeah theyve been around since 1998 I believe?

Heres a link that gives you a tutorial on how to search the exact thing youre looking for step by step, dont worry I know it can be a bit confusing, thisll help you out

If this is still too complicated for you, dont worry, Ive made it so that link makes it so what youre looking for is the first search result.

If youre still confused, heres a link to the Wikipedia article on what Google is

Hey @“Classic Productions” - here’s an example with an object following the mouse. It’s even simpler if the game doesn’t scroll:

@grazer why have I never seen this before!