how to make a online game

can you make an online game? if so please tell me how

I want to make a decimation of mankind co-op or pvp game

You can make it an online game by using the Multiplayer blocks and by switching certain objects into shared objects or player objects. Bear in mind that Multiplayer is still in the works, and it may not function at all at the moment, and free accounts don’t have access to multiplayer.

Since the switch to HTML5, online multiplayer doesn’t work anymore. This is temporary. Grazer should get it back on soon, but I’m not sure how long it’ll take.

If it ever comes back, you’ll need a paid subscription for it.

That’s deep. Also increase max players.

You can increase max players anytime and any amount you want, but like @Latif and I said, Multiplayer doesn’t work at the moment.

I see…

thank you @Superstargames @Latif!