how to make a power up in my game

I don’t use mac, sorry but this doesn’t work for me. Although I did try to make the character’s behavior easier to follow and tried some camera pics. I try to upload them but it won’t let me. I’m sorry but redoing the character’s behavior is the best I can do. Sorry.

Thanks of the help so far… question should i change the behaviors of my character of the power up

Just change it so it looks like the behaviors as shown in my power up and character, hopefully that will allow your power up to work.

but the speed boost dent work in your game i just tried it and when i ran over the speed boost i couldn’t move @leonknighte

Oops. I made the mistake of using two mailbox triggers. Sorry, you only use one. Try looking at it now.

still doesn’t work
my character i imported from my computer does that make a difference @leonknighte

You actually have it working. You just need to delete the run and jump bundle from the player and in the new bundle you have (Bundle 1569), you have to change the left and right key triggers to repeating. The last thing you have to change is the timers. Make sure both are set to 40.

Ok THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH @leonknighte i just have one more question how do i make it so that my character is faster without the power up . without the power up he is very slow

With the numbers that read 3 and -3, all you do is change them. (In your player behavior) Change the 3 to 5, or any number higher then 3. Change the -3 to -5 or any number less then -3.

thank you so much for all your help @leonknighte

No problem. I’m always happy to help.

this didnt work 4 me

dont know why