How to make a rpg game

Hi I need some help for a game I am making and about to post after I finish this problem. How can I make a RPG game, Where the character and the enemy takes turns. How do I do this?

So you’re looking to make a turn based rpg game?

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Yep that’s it. A turn based rpg game…hehehe yep I knew that…

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Um thanks? You know to be honest as a newbie on a new site don’t you think it’s better for them to know more instead of one word? Like me?

Yeah a combination of RPG turn based and you know the other kind…

just use switches to pick who can attack as well as messages

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I had to go right then so I couldn’t give a full response.

What you want to happen is that when you are attacking the PLAYER switches are on, and the ENEMY switches are off.

So basically you want this to happen,
You click an attack, once the attack goes through turn all of the Players switches off, then when the attack finishes send a message to the ENEMY and that will trigger the ENEMY to make its own attack. Then once the attack finishes send a message to the player to turn the switches back on.


Why thank more understandable

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Ok so if I sent message to the enemy would that work?

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yes, that should work

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