How to make a rpg sprint button

Hi im making a game called Tiny Nighttimes 2 and need to know how to make a top-down run button could someone help?

what do you mean top down button, like the run bar is vertical?

top down is like rpg way of moving your character

Like in Undetale Pokemon Fire Among us etc

Here’s my thoughts.
You have your normal movement keys output to your movement code (I’m guessing velocity?). But make it so the “amount” of movement you do with the normal movement keys pressed becomes more when the sprint key is pressed. So, an example would be:
Movement key outputs to a number which is sent to a velocity block. The number is controlled by the sprint key being pressed or not. So, if the sprint key is not pressed, set the number to the normal walking speed. If it is pressed, set the number to a higher sprinting speed.

what else can it be?

@darian_K motor, or position could be used for movement. velocity is just best in most cases

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I made a game example
go to this link.