how to make a second background layer?

when i went inside pixelpizza’s awakening game, i noticed he had managed to create multiple background layers, so for example, mountains would move to the side slower than clouds would while the player was moving. i went inside the code of the objects but i was still confused. does anyone know how and explain to me how to produce the same double background effect?

I wondered how to do that too @soethan1 , and it’d be very helpful to know. I’d ask @grazer , or @PixelPizza himself.

Hey, didn’t know that people still played that. However, for your luck, the moment I finished it I made a post explaining almost everything about the “multiple backgrounds” (They are game objects but with no collision) and the complex parallax. Even tho it was not perfect it works.

So here is the link:
Page 2 of my Affrayer/Awakening Devlog

If you scroll a little bit you will find a comment that starts with “Parallax Effect & Arms Rotation:
You can start reading from that point. Even though you are welcome to read the rest of it if you are interested.

Good luck, hope this helps :slight_smile:
@rcreger @soethan1

Thank you so much @PixelPizza - I’ll definitely take a look into this!