How to make a shot follow the character

Hey everyone.

I’m currently working on a game, and for the boss level, I would like to make the boss shoot a bolt. I know how to make the boss shoot a bolt, but I don’t know how to make the boss aim before shooting the bolt. Here is my game:


First of all: I love your game, please keep working on it!

As for aiming, you can use “point at” - have your boss extract the player’s x and y position, and send those to a “point at” behavior before he shoots.

Hey grazer! Thanks for answering. I was wondering if you could take a screen shot of the code, so I could use that for my game.


grazer please answer… :slight_smile:

Look at the enemy behavior in this example:

Notice how the enemy points toward the player? You can just do that.

thanks so much!