how to make after 6 enemies die you go to a new level

I’m terrible with filter

You can use a filter for that, for every kill you make you have to add 1 to a number value, and when it’s greater than/equal to 6 it will bring you to the next level.

@Latif3 But how? What do i add to make it say that when the all the enemies die, which is 6 teleport you to a new level do i edit the enemies code (all our the same and are duplicated) destroy- -greater than 6-- New level

Uh, when you destroy something the behaviors after it are lost. Have the enemy send the player a message, which adds it up

thanks i’ll try that

Does destroyer have an output? Makes no sense.

Destroyed objects can output things as long as theres no delay, so sending a message or saving something will still work, but thats about it.