How to make an "and" function

Ever since grazer removed and/or/xor, it’s been a bit annoying trying to make games that use chained buttons. Let’s say you want S to shoot lasers, A to shoot missiles, and both A and S at the same time shoots a laser missile. Well, no matter what you do, you will always fire one or the other, maybe sometimes both, but if you have multiple different animations, they will all try to play at the same time. Here’s my solution.
(I have not tested this out yet, but I’ve been thinking about it all day, and in theory, it should work.)

S to number 30
A to number 49
Have both numbers go into an equation
Have the equation A+B and connect to a number to set.
If S is hit, the equation equals 30
If A is hit, it equals 49
If both S and A are hit, it equals 79
Using filters, you can force a certain function based on numbers

Why 30 and 49?
Want to shoot diagonally?
I was having a hard time figuring out how to do a Metroid 8 direction shooter, but here’s how.
If you push up, an animation for cannon up plays. If you push right, cannon right animation. If you press up right, it glitches between the two, and hardly plays up right animation, and will almost never shoot diagonal.

No buttons = 0
Up = 1
Right = 2
Left = 4
Down = 8

Because of this
Up right = 3
Right down = 10
Down left = 12
Left up = 5

You cannot press any amount of buttons to equal those numbers, even if you hit 3 directions.

Since S = 30
A = 49

Using more equations, you can have any amount of buttons pressed, and never equal the numbers needed for a correct combo, so it will do nothing.

Shoot up right? 33
Missile shoot down left? 91

It’s a perfect “and” system.


I replicated it onto starblast.

Use arrow keys to shoot and wasd to move like normal

So i confirm the 8 direction rig. Yet to try the other one

That’s good. I figured it should work.

Thats pretty much the only possible way… Good job on that