How to make an enemy that aims

Hi. Does anyone have an enemy that can track the player and aim at them and shoot? I was going to make one but i can not find any tutorials.

this didnt work for me. I copied it exactly but no work

You need to connect the extractors into the player

i did and put in my bullet. It just shoots in one direction for both types of the aiming

Can you send a screenshot of the copied behaviours, please?

the extractors dont keep the info i give them. I say to track player but it just forgets that immediately. I will try to put new ones in give me a sec

Change the name of the actual object itself, the text box on the right. Name it to “Player” or something like that. Just something complete. Then try again. It’s a common bug

Oh. That worked. Thanks so much for the help!<3

Np, glad I could help out. If you need anything else, just post up or DM me :smiley:

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do u mean pm or am i not in the trends anymore again?

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