How to make an insanely awesome action sequence in Flowlab


i can’t elaborate
it’s literally exactly what you need
a lot of animations and movements (velocities, positions, really any movements)

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_0 Reaction image Jetstream Sam True True Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

thats so complicated how do that done?

@BradenS @PhantomWolfMoon @Galactian di you three see the video for an example of what I’m looking for the possibility of it being done in Flowlab?

no because i already know what you want
a 3d animation with a camera moving
please stop asking for me to give a more detailed explanation, the only more detailed explanation would be to do it

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No I mean stuff like in the video, I posted it as an example

I couldn’t watch it due to blocks


how to unblock youtube - Search (

look i’m sorry that i can’t do a ton of stuff for you rn, since i am doing one of my 5 final projects for classes, and they are due tomorrow. Honestly if you just made a gif of the video it would work

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Thats also blocked XD


Scene 1:

Scene 2:

Scene 3:

Scene 4:

Scene 5:

Scene 6:

This is as short as I could make it while still showing everything

Full Metal Gear Ray boss fight from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance summarized in short GIFs

Yeahhh carefully looks the best to me XD

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What do you mean by “carefully”?

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I mean you had better have a lot of patience so you can place every pixel to make it look awesome

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Okay, thank you for the clarification.

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You’d need to make effects, probably use starting values to make them more accurate and quicker, and sprites and animations like i said before.

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What are those? The rest I get.

if you send a 3 into the spawn of a spawn behaviour it edits the starting value of the object spawned, then you can make the object extract it
that’s very good for when you want to edit the speed of a particle

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Wow that sounds complicated

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