How to make an object move with the camera

I’m making a game and i want a planet to be visible in a corner of the screen all the time (like the sun in real life if it was on pause). I’ve put it in user interface but that means it goes in front of any tall objects.

Screenshot 2022-10-21 at 09.08.10 - user interface method

Help would be appreciated :] - cam


You can add it to the Game Layer and set its position like this.

Get the Player X and Y positions (with an Extractor), then you can use an Expression to display the object.

So an example would be X+224 and Y-328

If you need any more help you can @CodeAlpaca. It’s really late for me rn and I’m about to go to bed so I’ll won’t be able to answer any questions until I wake up tomorrow


Thank you! I’ll give this a go.

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go to the background layer
make a new object

make the sun! and make sure is on Dysplay order 1

done :slight_smile:
an example : Flowlab Game Creator - Copy of Copy of DoubleD World

That works, but there is a disadvantage to that. You aren’t able to use normal parallax

paralax works fine use Display Order 5 and 6 .
like this : Flowlab Game Creator - Copy of Copy of DoubleD World