how to make armor

I’m making a game and i want to find the armor and when you get hit withe the armor on it will get knocked off and you will still be alive off this is a link to the game

ok i will try it now

no because attached objects doesn’t have collision or a hitbox.
Yes, this goes in the player.

What you could do is + 1 to health when you do attach the armor
and turn off the attach when the health = 1

Try this health example in the help of Flowlab section:

i know how to make health but I was wanting my character to have instant death unless he found the armor then he would take two hits

@jessetime360, you can do the same thing with this idea…

will it work if the armor is just attached

should I try that on the armor or the player?

I tweaked it a little bit then it worked great!
Screenshot 2020-01-10 at 9.18.35 PM

Thank you @“JR 01” 01 for so much support couldn’t have done it without you!

np, glad to help